Monday, February 22, 2016

Special week

Hey there!

Yay! Leonardo and I have been together for four years today. It seems only yesterday he talked to my dad, and asked me to be his girlfriend. They say time flies when you're having fun, and it really does! He's the man of my dreams because he treats me like a princess, and I couldn't ever ask for a better boyfriend.

I'm super excited about this week, because I only have two work days left, until I see him again after being separated for an entire year. We're both aware that long distance relationships are very hard to maintain, and most people expected us to fail, but I'm so happy and proud we made it this far! I always miss him a lot when we can't be together, so I'm really looking forward to seeing him again, and I can't wait to go on all of the fun trips we have planned! I'm 100% sure I'll cry when I hug him at the airport this Thursday, haha.

I took a picture of this week's overview in my brand new nude coloured Filofax. I used some Cinderella stickers to make it look extra pretty :-) I thought 1 John 4:19 would be very appropriate for this week, don't you think?

We'll go to the zoo on Friday, and during the weekend we'll visit an old castle, and go to church. And next week we're travelling to Paris! Yay! I'm so excited :)

What are your plans for this week? Do you still use an old-fashioned paper planner? :-)

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Canon Powershot G7 x

To be honest, I have a pretty great DSLR. I love the high quality pictures it takes, so I didn't really need a new camera. But because it's so huge and heavy, it's really annoying to carry around all day. I often feel like an Olympic weightlifter around lunch, so imagine how tired I am at dinner time, haha.

My boyfriend came up with the idea of taking lots of pictures and videos when we go on our trip to Paris, and I completely agree. We should definitely capture every special moment we spend together, but I really didn't want to ruin my time there by having to carry my Canon EOS 70D around that gigantic city!

So that's why I've been looking around for a camera that easily fits inside of my smallest handbags, doesn't weigh much, but still takes beautiful, sharp, and high quality pictures. I've tested quite a few, but none were perfect enough. There was always something I didn't really like about them, and I almost gave up, until I heard about the Canon Powershot G7X.

This camera is very popular among many YouTube vloggers, so it was pretty easy for me to find reviews. I was surprised by this camera's high quality videos and photos, so I didn't take very long to decide that this is the camera I wanted to get! And guess what? I bought it!

Here she is :) Isn't she a babe?

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Sunday funday


It's Sunday today, so as always I got up early to go to church. Sermon was great, and it really got me thinking, so when I came back home I immediately wrote some of it down in my brand new Kikki K planner that I like to use for my Bible studies and my prayer journalling.

When I was done taking notes, I decided I deserve to have some fun today! So I went into my room to play some videogames, haha. I really enjoy Lego games, so I think I'll play Lego Star Wars on my PS3 this afternoon.

My favourite games of all time are probably Kingdom Hearts, Tomb Raider, and Lego Lord of the Rings, although I think Skyrim is pretty good as well.

What are your favourite games? Have you ever tried any Lego games? :)

My boyfriend will be coming to visit me in about three weeks, and of course I can't wait to see him again! We can't see each other very often because he lives all the way in Brazil, so I really live for those special moments we do get to spend together. We've been together for 4 years this month, so we're both hoping to find a solution soon, and break the distance once and for all.

We have some very exciting and fun trips planned, including a few days in Paris, France. But on the days that we're here at home, I'm sure it'd be lots of fun to play some game together. But to be honest I don't really have any multiplayer games besides Little Big Planet haha, so I was wondering if you have any recommendations on games for us to play together?

I heard about Epic Mickey: The Power Of Two, has any of you ever played that game? I was wondering if it's as fun as it looks? :) It does have some pretty good reviews, but as I don't own Move, I'd have to buy that first as well. It would get quite pricey in total, so that's why I'd like to ask other people first!