Sunday, February 07, 2016

Sunday funday


It's Sunday today, so as always I got up early to go to church. Sermon was great, and it really got me thinking, so when I came back home I immediately wrote some of it down in my brand new Kikki K planner that I like to use for my Bible studies and my prayer journalling.

When I was done taking notes, I decided I deserve to have some fun today! So I went into my room to play some videogames, haha. I really enjoy Lego games, so I think I'll play Lego Star Wars on my PS3 this afternoon.

My favourite games of all time are probably Kingdom Hearts, Tomb Raider, and Lego Lord of the Rings, although I think Skyrim is pretty good as well.

What are your favourite games? Have you ever tried any Lego games? :)

My boyfriend will be coming to visit me in about three weeks, and of course I can't wait to see him again! We can't see each other very often because he lives all the way in Brazil, so I really live for those special moments we do get to spend together. We've been together for 4 years this month, so we're both hoping to find a solution soon, and break the distance once and for all.

We have some very exciting and fun trips planned, including a few days in Paris, France. But on the days that we're here at home, I'm sure it'd be lots of fun to play some game together. But to be honest I don't really have any multiplayer games besides Little Big Planet haha, so I was wondering if you have any recommendations on games for us to play together?

I heard about Epic Mickey: The Power Of Two, has any of you ever played that game? I was wondering if it's as fun as it looks? :) It does have some pretty good reviews, but as I don't own Move, I'd have to buy that first as well. It would get quite pricey in total, so that's why I'd like to ask other people first!


  1. Woohoo for boyfriend coming over! Are we gonna move to Brazil sometime?

  2. Kingdom Hearts is a great game indeed, never played any of the lego ones. Enjoy your time with your boyfriend.

  3. You've done well to stay with your boyfriend for so long, with such a distance between you. Or maybe the distance helps! I know nothing about games I'm afraid, but have a fun afternoon gaming!

  4. All the way in Brazil? Oh my... That IS far away. Good to hear you had fun.

  5. I've played the LOTR Lego game a long time ago, but really, the only one I'm really good at is Mortal Kombat:D
    Have fun with your boyfriend:)

  6. I remember having the original Lego Star Wars on gamecube. It was fun, but the lego games got boring after awhile. Most of them feel like the same game.

  7. I hope you manage to have some quality time with your boyfriend! I rarely play games these days but I used to love any kind of racing game x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  8. Video games- super fun + relaxing!

    Le Stylo Rouge