Thursday, March 10, 2016

Bonjour de Paris!


We arrived at our hotel in Paris around 6 a.m., but couldn't enter our room till noon. So we left our bags and suitcases in the luggage room of the hotel, and decided to walk around the city all morning. Paris is absolutely gorgeous, so we felt very lucky to be able to experience this beautiful city before most other tourists woke up :-) We had a nice early breakfast with some locals, and then went on to explore the city!

Our hotel is only a 15 minute walk away from the Arc de Triomphe, so I managed to snap a few pictures of this beautiful monument before the sun was really up.

As it was still so early, the stores at the Champs Élysées were still closed. That's why we decided to walk in the direction of the Eiffel Tower instead, and found it wasn't hard to get there at all. All we had to do was cross this beautiful bridge over the Seine, and enjoy the view :-)

We didn't know that the Eiffel Tower wouldn't open till 09:30, so we got there way too early, haha. Two hours to be exact, oops! So we decided to walk around some more till 9 o'clock, before getting in line at the Eiffel Tower to be among the few lucky people to go up first!

We really enjoyed the beautiful view over Paris from the top. It's crazy how huge this city is, and 281m really is unbelievably high.

At the top of the tower is a souvenir shop where I bought a couple of postcards for my international penpals, and my friends at home. After we went back down, we had a quick lunch in the city, before going back to our hotel room to shower and take a nap.

In the evening we got all dressed up for a fancy (pizza, lol) dinner date at a restaurant called Pizza Vesuvio at the Champs Élysées. We were seated upstairs, and I really liked being able to spy on the people downstairs :-) We had a great meal, and a nice talk with our waiter. He noticed that Leonardo's Brazilian, and told us about his home country Peru, and how he came to France a little over 20 years ago. He fell in love with Paris, and decided to stay for good. It was such a cute story!

I really recommend this restaurant for anyone travelling to Paris. I noticed it has some mixed reviews online, but Leonardo and I both loved it, and we would definitely go back. It's right at the most fabulous shopping street in the world, the food is yummy and pretty affordable, and the place looks really pretty too. Yay!

After dinner we went for an evening walk, and I have to say that Paris is even more beautiful at night.

Have you ever been to Paris?


  1. looks so lovely! Have all the fun you can!

  2. Sounds like a grand day, lots of sights seen

  3. Amazing pics! I haven't been to Paris for many years.. Would love to go back!


  4. Thanks for sharing these lovely pics, Sharon. Sounded like you both had a fab time:) I've been to Paris once many moons ago.

  5. OMG!!!!paris!!!!! i hope u guys loved ur stay there!!!:)

  6. OMG!!!!paris!!!!! i hope u guys loved ur stay there!!!:)

  7. wow it must be a dream trip sharon ,i can imagine how much you enjoyed your time there,
    i have a dream to visit pairs once in my life and am waiting to be true ,loved the pics thay are so amazing sharing form you for me as i just love the Eiffel tower ,especially the view from above is really wonderful ,hope you enjyed you time there dear

  8. Gorgeous images girl! I am loving the ambiance of Pizza Vesuvio - gorgeous!


  9. I want to go badly! My sister and I just decided that we're doing a sister trip to Paris next year! Looks like such a dream!

  10. i love paris and have been a few times!! this makes me so happy to see the pics!