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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Christmas Gift Guide For Her

Hey everyone!

As the holidays are coming up, and we're all slowly getting into the Christmas spirit, I thought it might be fun to write a Christmas gift guide! :) Of course I am aware that everyone has different taste, and everyone has different preferences, but I did try to pick out gifts that most women would love! :) So please keep reading if you're having trouble shopping for a certain lady, and I really hope this list may be of help for you!

All gifts will vary from very affordable to higher priced, and are listed in no particular order.

1. Diptyque: Set of mini candles (Baies, Figuier, Roses)
€75,00 - $90,00 - £60,00 | Shop

2. Ralph Lauren: Aran-Knit scarf
€69,95 - $74,35 - £60,31 | Shop

3. Clarisonic Mia Fit Holiday Gift Box
€207,00 - $219,00 - £177,55 | Shop

4. Victoria's Secret: The Sleepover Knit Pajama
More colours available. €62,64 - $54,50 - £49,55 | Shop

5. Porcelain "Me ❤ You" plate
€5,99 - $6,99 - £4,99 | Shop

6. Huda Beauty eyeshadow palette - Rose Gold edition
€61,05 - $65,00 - £62,43 | Shop


7. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
Prices vary, depending on size (30 ml/50 ml/100 ml) | Shop

8. Lucite Twinlillies "Cutie Cube" make up organizer
€234,96- $249,00 - £201,45 | Shop

9. Book: "New York: Through A Fashion Eye" by Megan Hess
€19,75- $20,93 - £16,95 | Shop

10. Victorias's Secret Pink: Bed In A Bag - "Berry Floral"
More colours available. Prices vary, depending on bed size | Shop

11. Waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker
More colours available. €23,50 - $24,95 - £20,25 | Shop

12. Knitted mermaid tail blanket
More colours available. €24,00 - $30,00 - £18,00 | Shop

I hope my selection of gifts has given you some more inspiration to shop for your colleague, friend, girlfriend or wife! :) My boyfriend Leonardo will join me in a few days for a men's gift guide, so please stay tuned for more!

Let me know, what's on your Christmas list this year? :)


  1. I'd gladly accept that scarf myself and wear it too :)

  2. Sure something for most any woman there with the gift giving affair.

  3. This is a lovely list, Sharon. Something for everyone. My daughter has been asking for me to make her something like that mermaid blanket:) Personally, I would really like that shower speaker:D

  4. I love those mermaid knits, they are so beautiful <3
    An Aesthetic Alien | Instagram | Facebook

  5. Really great items, perfect for gift;)
    Have a lovely day!:)

  6. Beautiful gift guide, love the palette, the shades are gorge.

  7. My wife has some of those VS pajamas in a different fabric

  8. ah, yes!
    these items could all be on my wish list!!
    especially those mermaid tale blankets...they are trending so much right now!

    really beautiful!

    wishing you lots of love this thanksgiving...take care!


  9. Love the scarf and pajamas! Great choices!

  10. I would be thrilled with any one of those!!! Great list! <3 -

  11. Great gifts! Wonderful scarf and eyeshadow palette!
    Have a nice new week!

  12. Fabulous gift ideas! I want that mermaid tail blanket :)

  13. Fabulous list! I want it allllll!

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