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Friday, November 04, 2016

Official Sharon Day

Hey there! How are you? :)

It's a little late right now, so it will probably be after midnight when I publish this - but today (November 3) it was my birthday! :)

I turned 23 years old today, and I feel so blessed to have spent it with my loved ones. My parents and my grandmother took me out for a surprise lunch, and some of my relatives came over to my house today as well. I'm always looking forward to seeing everyone, so I had a really lovely day. Of course I missed my boyfriend deeply today, but we talked on the phone, and his voice always helps me when I feel alone, so I'll just hope and pray to see him again soon!

This morning I was busy opening presents, when I realized I should probably take a picture to document how amazingly cute they were wrapped. So here we go! :)

Do you like them? :) And where do you live? How do you celebrate birthdays over there? :)


  1. Happy Birthday, gorgeous! I'm a Scorpio too: 11/11!


  2. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a great day was had indeed.

  3. Happy birthday, Sharon! So good to hear that even if your bf couldn't be there, your whole family was there to celebrate with you:)

  4. Happy Birthday

    I don't do much for mine anymore. I try to do something fun. Presents usually are only from my wife and my mom. Life kind of sucks when even your grandma doesn't give you anything for your birthday. When did she stop caring :P

  5. Happiest of Sharondays! Glad to hear you had a lovely one!

  6. Happy Birthday!.