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Friday, November 04, 2016

What I got for my 23rd birthday!

It was my birthday yesterday, and I had a great one! I shared a picture of some of my wrapped presents last night before I went to bed, and this morning I thought it might be a good idea to show what was inside of those super cute presents! :)

I don't have a picture of my first - and favourite - present, because it's on my computer. My boyfriend logged in to my Origin account and bought me The Sims 4 as a surprise! He knows how much I enjoy building and decorating in Sims 3, so I think the Sims 4 is a really thoughtful and sweet gift of him! :) I absolutely love it and I can't wait to spend millions of hours playing, haha.

I also got a three wick "Marshmallow Fireside" candle from Bath & Body Works. It's one of my favourite candles for the colder seasons because it smells so yummy, and what I love most about these candles is that they always last me a very long time.

My mom also bought me the Real Techniques sculpting brush for contouring, because my Nars Ita brush started shedding like crazy all of a sudden, and it just isn't as great anymore as it used to be. So I really needed a new one, and I'm curious and excited to find out if this one from Real Techniques is what I'm looking for! I haven't tried it yet, because I'm currently having a very relaxing no make up-day, haha, but I will write a blog post about it when I've used it a couple of times! :) I love most of my other Real Techniques brushes - except for their blush brush -, so I will definitely let you know if the sculpting brush is as great as I've heard! :)

She also gave me the Real Techniques brush cleansing palette to make cleaning my make up brushes much easier and faster, as that's a task I really hate doing, haha. I'm currently using the Sigma brush cleansing glove, but it's so frustrating and annoying to use, as I have to wear it on my left hand, and use my right hand to hold the brush I'm washing. So after just a few brushes, either my left - or my right hand gets very sore, and I can't really switch hands or anything! So I have to keep taking breaks when I'm busy washing brushes, which is frustrating because I have a pretty large collection, and I'm sure you can imagine how annoying and time consuming that must be! So I'm sure I will love this RT palette, as I can easily lay it down in my sink without having to hold it up all the time, and I really hope it will take me much less time to clean my make up brushes! :)

Another thing my mother bought me is this Breakfast at Tiffany's Blu-ray! In case you didn't know, Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of my favourite movies of all time! So I was really upset when a couple of months ago my DVD got a couple of scratches on it, and eventually even stopped working at all :( I've really missed watching this movie, so I'm very happy to be able to watch it again! And of course the imagine quality of a Blu-ray is a huge improvement compared to an old DVD, haha.

My grandma bought me a book that I've been wanting to read ever since it came out in 2012 :) It's called "The Charm Bracelet", and it's written by Melissa Hill. She's my favourite author, so I'm sure I will love to read it. Her stories are usually about love and weddings, and I already have quite a lot of her books! They're always full of fun and unexpected plot twists, which makes me finish her books at top speed :) I have a couple of days off work next week, so I really can't wait to cuddle up on the couch with a blanket and a hot cup of tea, and read :)

And the last thing I got for my birthday is this really cool 3D puzzle my dad gave me! As a child, he always encouraged me to play with Lego and things like that, so he likes to keep that tradition alive by giving me fun puzzles and stuff. I'm not sure if everyone knows what a 3D puzzle is, but it's basically a mini DIY construction kit, which doesn't lay flat like a jigsaw puzzle, but it's 3D like an actual building! I've already built the Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty in the past, so I'm looking forward to building the beautiful Neuschwanstein Castle next :)

It's in Bavaria, Germany, and I want to see it with my own eyes so badly! Walt Disney let it serve as his inspiration for the princess castles in the Disney parks around the world, and because I'm a huge Disney fan, I think this puzzle is perfect for me :) Once completed, it will be around 40 cm (15") high, so wish me luck haha! Neuschwanstein Castle must be one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world, so I'd love to go there sometime. But until that day comes, I'll just build my puzzle :)


  1. that puzzle really looks interesting! You might have even more fun matching the pieces than playing Sims :) Hooray for die grossmutter for buying you a book!

  2. You got a lot of great gifts for your birthday. I went to the Neuschwanstein castle last year and love it. I was even able to see it for the hotel I stayed at.

  3. You cleaned up indeed. 3d puzzles are fun. Sucks when scratches gets on dvds for sure.

  4. Happy Birthday! Looks like you got some great presents :)

  5. You got some awesome presents, Sharon:) Love Breakfast at Tiffany's too, and yay for Sims 4:D

  6. Happy Birthday!!
    That 3D jigsaw looks like fun! I used to do them all the time but haven't for a while. I must get back into them again.

  7. That puzzle looks really fun! I love doing puzzles with my husband, it's a great way to relax and chat. :)

  8. Happy Birthday. Sounds like you had fun and got the ideal presents. I love the 3 wick candles too, have to try the marshmallow fireside.

  9. Such an awesome bunch of birthday goodies! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  10. A great list!! I loved seeing what you got.

  11. I love the puzzle and the gifts. More than that your age :P
    I'm not even your numbers reverses LOL (Old)

  12. Hope your week is going great.

  13. the puzzle really looks beautiful!
    happy belated blessed this year!