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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Blogmas day 10-13 | Festive Nails

Hi everyone!

As most of you know, I love a nice acrylic nail! Because not only can I scratch my dog amazingly well, they always make me feel like a classy princess as well, haha. So when I was at the nail salon today for my regular French manicure, my nail technician and I started talking about nail art and those type of things. Christmas is coming soon, so I asked her if she does any special Christmas nails, or if there are any specific Christmas nail trends I should know about, and she showed me a couple of pictures on her phone of super cute holiday-themed nails she did!

But as frugal as I am, there's no way I'm going back again this upcoming week, and probably not next week either. I mean, I just got a new set of French acrylics today, so getting them all redone seems like a bit of a waste of money to me, but that doesn't mean I can't do my own nails of course! So when I came home from the salon, I immediately turned to my beloved friend Pinterest for Christmas nail inspiration, and I found a ton of cute styles to try. I thought you guys might like to see some festive nails as well, so I made a quick selection of my absolute favourites. and here's what I found! :)

Here's a picture of my own nails to start!

And here's what I found on Pinterest :)

Which one is your favorite? :) Do you have any special nail looks planned for the holidays? :)


  1. All those nails are so pretty!!! Thanks for the inspiration :)
    Isabelle xx

  2. cute nails especially the reindeer one

  3. Very festive indeed. The reindeer is a neat one.

  4. Oh my, thse are so so cute, one is even prettier than the other. Love them all. Wish I could do such great manis. TFS!

  5. i LOVE your nails!
    they are so beautiful (and so is your loui vuitton clutch <3)
    and AH. all the festive nails you shared are absolutely adorable!

    i so wish i could get my nails done for the christmas season, but i am a pianist, therefore long nails are never a luxury i get to enjoy.
    always enjoy reading your posts, dear.

    be blessed!

  6. OH dear your nails look AMAZING!!!
    i never saw such experiment before .
    thank you for sharing

  7. Adoro demaquilantes bifásicos, porque eles facilitam a remoção de maquiagens! ;)

    Amei essas unhas! Não sei nem dizer qual é a minha favorita. Pretendo usar um esmalte preto com glitter nas próximas datas comemorativas!

    Ótima sexta!

    Beijo! ^^

  8. Love the Christmas nails inspiration! I really like the reindeer :)

  9. I love all of these, I'm really no good at nails but I wish I had more talent.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
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