Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Weekend date

Hey there!

To be honest I've been keeping a secret from you all, but I'm super excited to share it with you - I've secretly been dating my new boyfriend for the past 3 months! I know I haven't mentioned him on my blog yet, but I really couldn't keep it a secret any longer :)

The weather has been really nice lately, so we decided to spend some time outside in the sun together! We went on a guided canal tour to explore the beautiful city of Delft, and we took the tram to the beach of Scheveningen the next day. I've never been on a tram before, so I really liked it, and it's been quite the adventure! :)

What are your favourite things to do on the weekend?

Saturday, May 12, 2018

My favourite 2018 Eurovision songs

Hey everyone!

As some of you may already know, I'm a huge Eurovision fan! I wrote about my top 5 songs last year, so I figured I'd do something like that again for 2018.

To be honest I only really enjoy two songs this year, so here they are! I swear I didn't choose these because Norway and the Netherlands are my favourite countries in the whole world or anything, haha.

The Netherlands - Waylon - Outlaw In 'Em

Norway - Alexander Rybak - That's How You Write A Song

Are you excited for the grand final tonight? :) What are your favourite Eurovision songs this year?

Friday, May 11, 2018


Hi there!

Yesterday was a very exciting day for me, as I had some photos taken! The weather was great, and I love how comfortable the photographer made me feel :) I've worked with her before a couple of years ago, so I knew I didn't have to be nervous or anything. I'm usually pretty self conscious about my extremely pale skin, but I'm actually really happy with the pictures she took of me.

My top and my skirt are both from Morgan de Toi, and my sandals are from River Island.

Have you ever had a professional photographer take photos of you?