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Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Currently loving | Wishlist February 2020

New month, new wishlist! So without further ado, let's dive into my newest finds:

1. Fendi Baguette bag
Just how adorable are these bags?! Early 2000s vibes galore!

2. Zara leather mini skirt
You can never go wrong with a black leather skirt, can you?

3. Kate Spade "Mike" block heel slingbacks
These are so beautiful. And they're currently on sale, yay!

4. "New Abby" tweed sailor cap by Maison Michel
I've been obsessed with everything tweed lately, so I've been wearing it practically non stop. I love the classy combination of black, blue, and gold on this fancy hat.

5. "Andre" felt hat by Maison Michel
I used to have a similar burgundy colored hat a few years ago, that a friend "borrowed", but never returned. So now I obviously want a new one... Fun fact: this gorgeous hat is waterproof! How handy!

6. H&M houndstooth coat
My love for houndstooth patterns is never ending. Just how incredibly classy is this coat?!

What's #1 on your wishlist at the moment?


  1. I've been lusting over anything Fendi lately. Also adding those Kate Spade's to my wishlist. Love the cute shape and style!


  2. Hope you get some of that for Valentines!

  3. That leather skirt reminds me of something naughty lol

  4. I want La Ligne and Lingua Franca sweaters. Fendi works for me.

  5. I still remember the first time those baguette bags were all the rage, esp. after Sex and the City:) Great picks, Sharon!

  6. I like the high heels the best.

  7. Leather mini skirt is absolutely essential in my wardrobe. Love these Kate Spade shoes and that tweed cap (I'm obsessed with tweed clothes too).

  8. I've just bought a houndstooth bomber jacket. It's really in this year.

  9. Great wishlist! I'd like everyhing there! ^^
    Totally in love with these slingbacks and that felt hat!

  10. I am on the hunt for the perfect mini leather skirt! They look so versatile, and perfect for this time of year xo

  11. The Fendi baguette bag is on my list as well!!

  12. I love all of things from your wish list. Fendi Baguette is such a classic, and that Zara skirt is so gorgeous as well as hat, heel and coat. I would like to have all of them in my wardrobe.

    New Post -

  13. I would love both of those hats, I just always wonder if I could pull off a hat look. I have such an odd looking face, I never thought they would look right on me LOL. That bag though, I would totally rock a Fendi bag!

    1. You'll look gorgeous in a hat! Just try it!

  14. This houndstooth coat is amazing. i love it!

  15. I loveeed the leather mini skirt, so cool!!

  16. Oh that coat is beautiful! I'd love to have a statement winter coat like this! Sadly we don't need winter coats much here in Brisbane!

    Hope that you are having a nice weekend! It's a quiet one here as we have a lot more rain - but can't complain, it's nice to have cooler weather and we are not at risk for flooding :)

    Away From Blue

  17. I love the coat and the leather skirt! Every fashionista needs them <3

  18. 100% with you on the Fendi baguette bag; it's such a stylish design and I love seeing how people style it from day-to-night! I hope you're having a lovely week so far Sharon :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x